Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine OptimizationA commonly-used term when discussing websites and their efficiency, SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization".

In essence, it means ensuring that your site is well-known to search engines (such as Google) and has a good reputation with them which, in turn, makes it easier for potential clients to find you.

As in life with developing any personal or company reputation with clients and colleagues, this process can take considerable work, time and investment to be truly effective but will ultimately be worthwhile.

The actual process itself is quite complicated and involves a number of inter-connected factors - from identifying 'key words' in your text to ensuring that you have reliable links with reputable, third-party sources and social media.

Search Engine Optimization MapWell-planned, regularly maintained and good quality SEO operations can make an enormous difference to how useful your site is as a marketing tool for your products and services and affect your reputation with search engines and other companies.

Ironically, however, this very importance can and has lead to the development of some very dubious practices in the IT sector - sometimes known as 'black-hat' SEO methods - which are often seen as a 'quick fix' to good achieving search engine rankings.

If reputable search engines detect 'black-hat' techniques have been used on a site, that can lead to the site actually being barred from their search services - making them an extremely costly mistake for any business.

Please feel free to contact us for an individual example of what effective SEO could do to benefit your business.

Why Choose Us?

Despite being a possibly new name to you, our team have over 30 years of design and development experience. The Optik Web Creative team, have designed websites ranging from simple brochure sites through to very complex eCommerce sites with thousands of products.

We are based in the UK, and use only our own developers, we will never pass your website out to a subcontractor to design and develop, this way we maintain our exceptional Quality Control. If we need to have specialist development to add extra functionality to a module or plugin, we will, of course, work with the original developers of that item to ensure upgrade compatibility.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Frank Smith - A New Day Festival
We’ve been working with Rich for nearly a year now and are really pleased with the website he’s created for us.
He instinctively knows what we’re looking for and transforms our ideas into reality very quickly.
He’s also very pro-active in making suggestions to improve the look and feel of the website
that we hadn’t thought of which allows the user to navigate the site seamlessly.
Mark Potts - Nusakan Radio
Coming from both technical and creative backgrounds, I'm probably a coder's worst nightmare.
However, with Rich, I have no problems whatsoever. I find his methodology very logical and sensible,
and his coding skills are impressive, to say the least.
He's a very reasonable guy to do business with and, not only does his work have to satisfy me,
it has to be something he is proud of, too; a philosophy that I wish more modern businesses followed.
Sharon Keevins - Kangaroo Design & Marketing
Optik Web Creative undertake many websites for us and have always been very supportive,
informative and approachable which is a rare skill in this area of work.
We are very happy with their service for us.
Paul Kendrick - Heavy Metal Racing
Just wanted to drop you an email and say how happy i am with the work you have done for my race team. looks fresh, up to date and the layout is really nice to browse through and read.
I know it will be the envy of the British Superkart Championship in 2017!
Having known you a few years now, you continue to pleasantly surprise me with the speed and accuracy of your work.
Your attitude to website design is a boon to your industry and a credit to your company.
I look forward to continuing our working relationship and hope to see you at the race track for a Heavy Metal Racing brew very soon!
NaDene Tucker - Wilson PfC
We could not be happier with the quality of work provided by Rich.
We have received numerous compliments and Rich made sure to provide a quality website
that was done beautifully and treated us as valuable customers with every interaction.
Our new website design provides our organization with a platform to reach more families that need our assistance.
Optik Web Creative provides quality work and is always on hand to offer assistance if needed.
Peter Jones - Kangaroo UK
Rich is a very experienced coder, and has always got great ideas to add to client briefs which add value to their website.
Optik Web Creative are a great company to work with.

A Few Of Our Clients


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